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Born and raised in Montana, Kip has spent the last 30 years of his life working with and riding horses. In addition to riding horses for the public, Kip has also spent a considerable amount of time cowboying on several large Montana ranches. Working for these ranches would include starting colts, educating riding horses, and using them to care for and watch over the cow/calf operations. During this time in his life is when he met Buck Brannaman. After attending several of his clinics Buck offered Kip an opportunity to work for him, and Kip graciously accepted. For the next 5 years Kip spent his time with Buck on the road.


After having the opportunity to work for Buck, Kip felt that he needed to take the skills he had learned and began applying them to client horses. Kip’s main focus is starting colts under saddle. He is used to working with a variety of breeds including but not limited to quarter horses, thoroughbreds, warmbloods, gaited breeds, and mules. The horses he starts are used in many different ways: From the modern sport horse for use in dressage, hunter/jumpers, three day event, reining, working cow, cutting, to the working ranch and trail horse. Kip is a firm believer in riding young colts and inexperienced horses outside where they can gain familiarity with all types of terrains and be exposed to a variety of situations. There is a saying in our world, “So they are started, so they go.” and it is so true. So if you want your colt started right the first time contact Kip.

In addition to training horses, Kip has a growing lists of clients for whom he conducts clinics. He has led clinics in California, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Texas, Wisconsin, and Canada. If you would like more information on clinics please let us know, if you are interested in attending a clinic please check out our calendar for a current list of clinics.

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